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Updated: Feb 6

Frequently Asked Questions – Because We Love to Keep the Party Vibes Alive!

1. Duration of Performance

   - Get ready for a 3-hour musical journey within a 4-hour "call"! Two sets of 1.5 hours each, plus a cool 30-minute break. We're flexible like that, tailoring options to make your event as epic as you envision. Additional time is available upon request. 

2. Song Selection

   - Let's create a musical masterpiece! Bring your playlist dreams, and we'll blend them with our expertise to craft a set that'll have everyone dancing and singing along.

3. Custom Song Requests

   - Your special moments, your tunes! From the first dance to father-daughter magic, we're all ears for your song requests. Hit us with those musical gems!

4. Optimal Band Size

   - We've got sizes to fit every groove. Whether you want the full 10-piece party extravaganza or a more intimate 6- to 15-piece Orchestra, we've got your vibe covered.

5. Spatial Requirements

   - We're not picky about space, but we do love room to show off our dance moves! Aim for 16 feet wide by 16 feet deep, and we'll make sure the dance floor is sizzling.

6. Stage Necessity

   - A stage is awesome but not a must. We're adaptable show-stoppers, ready to rock any setting and give every guest a front-row experience.

7. Setup Timing

   - Give us 3-4 hours, and we'll transform your venue into a party paradise. We aim to be party-ready well before your guests start arriving.

8. Understanding Production

   - Our production is top-notch! Immerse your crowd in a sensory explosion with digital sound gear and a lighting show that syncs perfectly with the beats.

9. Set Break Dynamics

   - No dull moments here! Our curated iPod playlist keeps the vibe alive during breaks. Spice it up with garter or bouquet toss for an unforgettable experience.

10. Microphone Utilization for Speeches

    - Speeches are our jam! Whether you're a DIY master or want our Audio Management service, we make sure your words are heard loud and clear.

11. Dynamic Vocal Ensemble

    - Meet our dream team! While life's surprises mean we can't promise specific singers, rest assured each one is a pro ready to blow your mind.

12. Band Meals Etiquette

    - To eat or not to eat? It depends on your package, and we'll break it down for you. Our performance energy is directly fueled by your choice!

13. DJ Integration

    - DJ or not DJ? Totally your call! We've got the top 40 hits covered, but if you want to add a DJ to the mix, we're all about that party synergy.

14. Power Requirements

    - Power up for the ultimate experience! We need a minimum of 2 x 15 amp circuits. Our gear is modern, energy-efficient, and ready to rock your event.

For any lingering queries or to dive deeper into the party details, hit us up at Or, let's schedule a virtual meeting and turn your event dreams into a reality that'll have everyone talking!

Elevate your event with Upscale Entertainment – where professionalism meets party perfection!

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